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The Weimar meetings

At the level of heads of State and government

The first informal trilateral meeting took place in Gdansk on 21 September 1993 between the presidents of France, Germany and Poland, on the occasion of the conferment of degrees honoris causa on Messrs. François Mitterrand and Lech Walesa.

The first summit bringing together the presidents of France and Poland and the German chancellor was held in Poland, in Poznan, on 21 February 1998.

The summits held in Nancy on 7 May 1999 and in Hambach (Palatinate) on 27 February 2001 affirmed the three countries’ desire to expand their cooperation.

The summit in Wroclaw of 9 May 2003 took place a few days before the referendum on Poland’s accession to the European Union, announcing the position that this country would hold among the “Big Six” countries.

The summit in Nancy on 19 May 2005 marked the commitment to strengthening their trilateral cooperation, in terms of the EU’s internal issues as well as its foreign relations.

At the ministerial level
The meetings in Weimar (28-29 August 1991) constituted the first tripartite meeting between foreign affairs ministers. These meetings focussed on relations between the EEC and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In Bergerac (24 April 1992), two joint declarations were adopted, one on the new European order (CSCE, EES), and the other on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nagorny-Karabagh and Afghanistan.

The Warsaw Declaration (11-12 November 1993) concerned in particular the Central and Eastern European countries’ prospects of joining the EU, as well as integration in European and transatlantic security structures.

The Bamberg Declaration (14-15 September 1994) marked the progress made in rapprochement between the Central and Eastern European countries and the EU and the adaptation of the candidate countries’ legal system.

The meeting in Paris (26 October 1995) was committed to the prospects of the accession negotiations conducted by the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. France and Germany affirmed their desire that the main decisions concerning accession be settled by the turn of the century.

The meeting in Warsaw (19 December 1996) concentrated on the European Conference and the trilateral summit planned for 1997.

The meeting in Frankfurt an der Oder (17 November 1997) prepared the summit of heads of State and government in Poznan and concerned the strengthening of cultural relations.

The meeting in Paris (6 January 1999) gave concrete expression to the desire conveyed in Poznan to give fresh impetus to the tripartite cooperation by identifying the sectors concerned.

The meeting in Weimar (30 August 1999) aimed at promoting the cultural component of the Weimar Triangle, selecting Weimar as Cultural Capital of Europe in 1999.
The meeting in Krakow (7 June 2000) made it possible to reinforce the prospects for expanding decentralized cooperation, by means of the “regional forum" organized in parallel with the ministerial meeting.

The meeting in Paris (23 April 2002), which commemorated the tenth anniversary of the creation of the Weimar Triangle, affirmed the three countries’ desire to modernize the activities of the Weimar Triangle by devoting it even further to Poland’s integration in Europe.

The meeting in Berlin (16 January 2004) was the opportunity for an in-depth exchange on the finalization of the text of the European Constitution.

Foreign affairs ministers met in Warsaw on 27 June 2005, on the occasion of the Conference of Polish Ambassadors.

Moreover, meetings of Ministers Delegate for European Affairs made it possible to emphasize convergences (joint declaration of May 2003) and cooperation in the audiovisual and biotechnology sectors in 2003 (26 May and 16 December), and, in 2004 (22 October) to go over the Lisbon strategy in detail- its social component, in particular.

Other ministerial meetings have been held on a regular basis since 1994 at the level of Defence ministers. The most recent one took place on 22 October 2004 in Saint Jean-de-Luz.

The Finance ministers have been meeting regularly since 2001. They met for the fourth time in July 2004 in Warsaw.

The Social Affairs and Labour ministers met for the first time in the Weimar format on 30 May 2003.

At the parliamentary level, contacts were first made in November 1992 in Bonn, with a meeting of Foreign Affairs Committees. A meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committees of Germany’s Bundestag, France’s Assemblée Nationale and Poland’s Diète was held in Berlin in January 2004.

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