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France maintains extensive ties with Poland, its leading partner in Central Europe, the fruit of history and tradition, illustrated by several successive waves of Polish emigrants in France: the most recent to date was that of the many Solidarnosc sympathizers during the state of siege in the 1980s. While economic and commercial trade between Germany and Poland has reached an unequalled level and Poland and Germany often consider themselves to be the “guardians of the interests of the East” when the centre of gravity of the Union’s foreign policy seems to be moving South, France remains a “strategic partner” to Poland, with which it shares the vision of a “political Europe”.

France and Poland have a significant platform of common interests on European and international issues, reinforced by strong economic ties and high-level political consultations, extended to include Germany in the Weimar Triangle. The signing of a strategic Franco-Polish partnership agreement (policy statement along with an action plan giving the political, economic, energy, defence, JAI and Schengen components), during the French President’s visit to Warsaw on 28 May 2008, made it possible to strengthen cooperation between the two countries. The French presidency of the EU (second half of 2008) made it possible to define common positions with Poland on a certain number of topics (Energy-climate package, pact on immigration and common agricultural policy),where approaches differed.

Poland’s presidency of theCouncil of the European Union during the second half of 2011 was a significant cooperation issue, in particular in the area ofstrengthening the CSDP. Experience feedback from the 2008 French presidency was organized early in the areas of CSDP, GS/FPEU, Culture, followed by exchanges of civil servants between the various administrations. The Centre of European Studies in Strasbourg implemented preparatory modules for the competitive examinations for the Commission, while the French Institute of Warsaw conducted aFrench training programmefor 500 civil servants. The firsttraining modules for young diplomats in a Weimar formatbegan in July 2009 inPoland.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius went to Warsaw on July 26th, 2012. Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister Delegate for European Affairs, met with Mr. Serafin in Paris on June 20th, 2012 and traveled to Warsaw on October 1st for a bilateral and Weimar format meeting.

Updated on 01.10.12