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Economic relations

Pakistan has 39 representations from French companies in the telecommunications, hydrocarbons, construction, environmental, pharmaceutical, and hotel-distribution sectors.

In 2011, bilateral trade volume exceeded the symbolic threshold of one billion euros, reaching €1,050 million.

French exports reached €426 million in 2011, compared to €319.3 million in 2010, an increase of 32%. This increase reflects the strong growth in sales of refined petroleum products (€98 million), as well as computer, electronic and optical products (€90 million). Exports of chemicals, fragrances, and cosmetics are maintained at €42 million, while sales of pharmaceuticals have seen a sharp increase to €38 million. The fifth largest export item, industrial and agricultural machinery conceded a marked decrease from €56 million to €34 million, as did transport equipment whose exports fell to €16 million in 2011.

Our imports amounted to €624 million in 2011, registering a sharp increase of 21% (€516 million in 2010).

Imports of textile products, the first import item, increased by 19% in 2011, reaching €532 million and totaling 85% of our purchases in Pakistan. Miscellaneous manufactured products accounted for the second import item at almost €30 million while imports of IAA products went from €18 million to €28 million. Finally, our purchases of chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics and computer, electronic, and optical products have increased dramatically, reaching €11 million and €8.6 million respectively.

Our trade deficit reached €199 million in 2010, a level almost equivalent to that of the previous year (€194 million).

A “France-Pakistan” Council of Business Executives was established on the occasion of the visit by Mr. Gilani. The co-chairs of the Council are Michel Benezit, Managing Director of Raffinage Marketing and Executive Committee member of the Total group, and Zakir Mahmood, President of Habib Bank Ltd., the first private bank in Pakistan.

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