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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation


Our work in Pakistan falls under the priorities set by the Pakistani government (security, specific assistance to FATAs, human resource development, education, and health). It is implemented with two tools: bilateral cooperation, and actions taken by the French Development Agency and the Economy, Industry and Employment Ministry.

As part of the aid pledges made by donor countries at the meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan in Tokyo in April 2009, France is committed to providing a volume of €300 million of soft loans mainly concentrated in the energy sector.

Bilateral cooperation and cultural action is twofold: supporting the Pakistani government’s university policy and consolidating our political influence in the social sciences, cultural relations, governance, and archeology.

Disseminating French language and culture is based on a network of three Alliances Françaises (Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore).

Cooperation on security is dedicated to training in the armed struggle against extremism, document fraud, managing crime scenes, and VIP protection.

Defense cooperation with Pakistan is devoted to training military elites, and to the exchange and transfer of expertise in areas related to the counter-insurgency.

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