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  • Pakistan - Attacks (08-09.04.14)

    France condemns the attacks targeted this morning against a market in Islamabad and yesterday against a passenger train at the station in Sibi in Baluchistan Province.

  • Pakistan – Attack in Peshawar (22.09.13)

    France condemns yesterday’s heinous attack on a church in Peshawar. France asks the Pakistani government to take all necessary measures to protection the populations targeted by these attacks.

  • Pakistan – Attacks (17.06.13)

    France strongly condemns the particularly heinous attacks that targeted a hospital and Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University in Quetta, Baluchistan, on June 15. This institution is supported by France as part of an excellence-based scholarship program.

  • Pakistan – Elections (11.05.13)

    France welcomes the holding of elections in Pakistan on May 11. They were marked by the strong and courageous mobilization of the voters, who, despite violence on the part of extremist groups, freely expressed the diversity of their opinions. France extends its heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the violence.

  • Pakistan – Car bombing at the Jalozai refugee camp (22.03.13)

    France strongly condemns the attack that targeted the Jalozai refugee camp in Pakistan. According to the latest reports, this attack killed 15 people and injured around 40 in this camp that provides shelter to people fleeing the fighting between Pakistani security forces and Taliban forces.

  • Pakistan – Anti-Shi’ite attack in Quetta (18.02.13)

    France utterly condemns the attack on 16 February in the city of Quetta in Balochistan. According to the latest toll, the attack – which targeted the Shi’ite Hazara community – left more than 80 people dead and some 200 wounded. In these tragic circumstances, France shares the grief of the victims’ loved ones. She reiterates her solidarity with the Pakistani people and stands alongside them in the fight against terrorism.

  • Pakistan – Attacks (11.01.13)

    France utterly condemns yesterday’s attacks in the city of Quetta and the Swat Valley in Pakistan, in which, according to a provisional toll, more than 110 people were killed and hundreds wounded.

  • Pakistan - Attacks (22.11.12)

    We offer our condolences to the bereaved and express our wholehearted solidarity with the Pakistani people in their rejection of terrorism and religious fundamentalism.

  • Pakistan – Execution of Muhammad Hussain (15.11.12)

    France condemns the execution in Pakistan of Muhammad Hussain, which puts an end to the moratorium on the death penalty observed by the Pakistani government for 5 years. This decision is a step backward in terms of Pakistan’s progress toward greater respect for human rights.

  • Fires in Pakistan (12.09.12)

    We were deeply shocked to learn that two fires in Pakistan – in Karachi and in Lahore – have, according to the latest report, resulted in the death of more than 200 people.

  • Pakistan - Murders (17.08.12)

    France calls on the Pakistani authorities to pursue their efforts to end the increase in sectarian violence and to combat all forms of extremism.

  • Pakistan - India - Process to normalize trade relations (02.03.12)

    France welcomes this decision, which follows the visit to Islamabad by India’s Commerce Minister, Mr. Anand Sharma. It’s the first step in the plan approved by both governments aimed at standardizing economic relations by granting, in a spirit of reciprocity based on the current situation, the most-favored nation status to India.

  • Pakistan – Murder of Pakistani journalist Mukarram Khan Aatif (18.01.12)

    France utterly condemns the murder of Pakistani journalist Mukarram Khan Atif on Tuesday, January 17 in a mosque in the town of Shabqadar (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province) while he was attending prayers. Those responsible for this heinous act, for which the Pakistani Taliban is claiming responsibility, must be prosecuted and condemned.



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