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North Korea – Adoption of new sanctions by the UN Security Council (March 7, 2013)

France welcomes the unanimous adoption on March 7 by the Security Council of resolution 2094 condemning North Korea for its third nuclear test, carried out on February 2013, in violation of previous resolutions 1718, 1874 and 2087.

Like our main partners, we strongly condemned this new nuclear test. The unanimous position expressed yesterday by the Security Council again reflects the international community’s firmness in the face of this serious act and its determination to address the threat posed by North Korea to the stability of the peninsula as well as to international peace and security.

Resolution 2094 considerably strengthens the sanctions regime against North Korea, notably with respect to the financial sector and the inspection of suspicious shipments. It also adds new individuals, entities and goods to the sanctions lists.

We condemn the recent threats made by North Korea and reiterate our appeals for it to refrain from any gesture that could increase tensions. We again urge it to resume the path of dialogue with a view toward the complete, irreversible and verifiable dismantlement of its nuclear and ballistic program, in accordance with its international obligations.



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