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Other types of cooperation

Since 1995, our operational cooperation in the area of the fight against drugs has been led by a high-level bilateral group on drugs (GHN), which in principle meets once a year. The most recent session was held in The Hague in April 2009 and the next one should be held in Paris in the beginning of 2011. The new government coalition is considering a certain toughening in the area of drug control. Accordingly, the plan is to transform “coffee shops” into selective clubs reserved for membership card-holding adults residing in the Netherlands. Progress has been made thanks to the coordination of our customs, police and judicial efforts. Specifically, since September 2009, two French liaison officers have been assigned to multinational “Joint Hit Teams” in Rosendaal and Maastricht. Moreover, in the chapter of the new government coalition’s agreement on internal security, more frequent recourse to the armed forces in terms of creating joint/combined teams with the police is mentioned.

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