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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

These ties are evolving in the context of a bilateral agreement from 1946. The network is structured around the French Institute of the Netherlands based at the Maison Descartes in Amsterdam, its branch in Groningue, and a concentrated network of Alliances Françaises. With regard to university cooperation, a bilateral network has been set up, the Dutch leadership of which is housed at the University of Utrecht and the French component is at the University of Lille 3. In January 2007, the Cooperation and Cultural Action Section (SCAC) and the French Institute were grouped together in Amsterdam.

After a few years of decline, French learning during the school years that correspond to primary and secondary school is recovering. We support the revival of our language in Dutch universities and vocational schools, in disciplines such as law, economics and management. In 2008, new projects were implemented: a national advertising campaign for the French language with the association of French teachers, a plan for French teaching abroad (in collaboration with the secondary school), completion of educational projects with pilot institutions, introduction of certifications in higher education.

The French-Dutch university network facilitates student and teacher mobility, as well as research, by supporting dual degree training programmes, work experiences in companies, joint thesis supervision and a rapprochement of doctoral schools. The RFN, which has an excellent record, has also been organizing “Young Talent” meetings since 2005.

Most French research bodies (CNRS, INRA, IFREMER, INSERM, ANVAR) have signed agreements with their Dutch counterparts. Our actions that are in line with a Community initiative are supported by the French-Dutch working group on science and technology, the RFN and the Hubert Curien Van Gogh Programme, launched in 1997, which has made it possible to back more than 100 projects, by facilitating researcher mobility. The French-Dutch dialogue in the area of official development assistance is stepping up in sectors that have been given priority, specifically trade, financing for development and fragile States. Finally, we are promoting French legal culture, through actions at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

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