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Mali - Draft resolution (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - April 16, 2013)

Q. – Who presented the draft resolution that is going to be discussed at the Security Council?

In answer to the request from the Malian authorities, ECOWAS and the AU, France presented a draft resolution to turn Afisma [African-led International Support Mission to Mali] into a United Nations stabilization mission in Mali (Minusma).

Q. – What would the timetable be for the adoption of this resolution?

We hope that the discussions, which are continuing with our Security Council partners, will lead to a resolution being adopted before the end of this month. On the ground, the transformation of Afisma into Minusma could then take place from July onwards.

Q. – What will Minusma be composed of?

Placed under the leadership of a special representative of the Secretary-General, the future Minusma should comprise just over 11,200 soldiers, 1,440 police, and civilian experts.

Q. – What will its mandate be?

The mandate of the operation will be to help the Malian authorities stabilize the country and restore the state’s authority over the whole territory. It will also have to support the Malian authorities in organizing the elections and successfully conducting inclusive national dialogue. Furthermore, the future Minusma will have to oversee efforts to restructure the Malian security forces, in close coordination with the EU mission already in place to restructure the army, EUTM Mali.

Q. – What is the French forces’ role in this new phase?

Our soldiers have started withdrawing from Mali, in accordance with the timetable announced by the President. The French forces that remain in Mali, and those already based in the region, will therefore be able to support the African force’s transition into blue helmets. They will also be able to provide their support to the future operation if need be, in accordance with a mandate provided for by the future resolution. Moreover, France is ready to support the future UN stabilization mission by making officers available to it.



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