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Mali – Road map for the transition (January 28, 2013)

The adoption by the Malian government of a road map for the transition, which includes an electoral calendar and provides for the opening of negotiations with the north, marks a decisive and much anticipated step in the political process. This road map should be submitted for consideration by the Malian National Assembly.

Real progress must now be made with respect to the political process. It is up to the Malian authorities to prepare for the elections and to initiate without further delay discussions with the legitimate representatives of the populations of northern Mali (locally elected representatives, civil society) and the non-terrorist armed groups which recognize Mali’s territorial integrity. Only a dialogue between the north and the south will make it possible to re-establish the Malian state in the northern region of the country.

As stipulated by the UN Security Council in its resolutions 2056, 2071 and 2085, the road map will form the basis for the resumption of our bilateral civilian cooperation as well as that of the EU.



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