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Mali – Accusations leveled by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights against the Malian army (March 14, 2013)

France remains concerned by the human rights situation in Mali, and notably the allegations of abuse made by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Revenge can never be a form of justice. The exacerbation of ethnic tensions is especially troubling. The French forces have been instructed to pay close attention to possible violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that may come to their notice, and to notably report any evidence of abuse. France will, if necessary, bring this to the attention of the Malian authorities.

We welcome the clear-cut position taken by the Malian authorities with respect to any act of abuse and their commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice. There can be no impunity for these acts. We welcome the fact that the Malian authorities have concluded a cooperation agreement with the ICC, which has launched an investigation into the war crimes committed in Mali since January 2012.

France will continue to convey a strong and consistent message to the Malian authorities reminding them of these commitments. We support the establishment of the Dialogue and Reconciliation Commission and call on the Malian authorities to do everything possible to allow it to establish inclusive dialogue with the Malian population, with all its diversity.

Since the start of the Malian crisis, France has been working within the Security Council and Human Rights Council to ensure that the international community remains mobilized in the face of the human rights situation in Mali. It renews its appeal to strengthen the human rights monitoring mission provided for by UNSCR 2085.



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