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Mali (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - December 6, 2012)

Q : The French ambassador to the UN indicated yesterday that France’s draft resolution made provision for “the deployment of an ECOWAS force to Bamako to prepare the Malian army.”

He then indicated that “the so-called military intervention simply involves returning the Malian army to its barracks in the north.”

Does this mean that an international operation in the north of the country is no longer under discussion?

A : Our ambassador indicated that the African Union, ECOWAS, the Malian authorities and the African members in particular of the UN Security Council had all underscored the need for swift action to restore Mali’s territorial integrity.

He added that the force that was going to be deployed by ECOWAS, following authorization by the UN Security Council, would lend support to the Malian army in order to carry out an intervention in the north of the country.

France remains convinced of the need for an approach combining political, security and humanitarian actions in order to achieve a lasting settlement to the crisis facing Mali.



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