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Agreement between the Malian authorities and ECOWAS (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - September 24, 2012)

Q : Mali and ECOWAS reached an agreement on Sunday on the conditions for the deployment of an African force, with the headquarters of the ECOWAS force to be established in Bamako. Will this facilitate the adoption of a resolution at the Security Council? This week? In addition, do you confirm the deployment of around 100 French special forces personnel to the region? If so, since when and where? In Libya, as the Algerian newspaper El Khabar is saying?

Paris promised to provide logistical support to ECOWAS. How will that be implemented exactly?

A : France welcomes the agreement between the Malian authorities and ECOWAS with respect to the deployment of an African stabilization operation in Mali. This is an important step forward in responding to the clarifications requested by the Security Council in its resolution 2056 on Mali.

The crisis facing Mali, and more generally, the Sahel, will be discussed at a high-level meeting chaired by the Secretary-General on September 26 in New York, in which France will participate. This meeting should provide an opportunity to strengthen the mobilization of the international community in order to initiate a coordinated response by all actors concerned by the crisis in the Sahel which will take into account all aspects of the crisis: humanitarian, political, security and development-related.

Regarding the press articles that you mention, we don’t comment on this type of information.

Lastly, regarding logistical support, it’s too early at this stage to discuss that, given the timetable that has been outlined.



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