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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Lithuania became an observer member of the Organisation internationale de la francophonie (OIF) in 1999.

In the context of a memorandum signed in 2006 between the Lithuanian government and the OIF, each year 500 Lithuanian civil servants receive French training from the French Cultural Centre in Vilnius. In addition, three university partnerships form centres of French-language excellence in the disciplines concerned: between Romeris University and five political studies institutes for political science, between the Vilnius University law school and the University of Paris X - Nanterre for European law, and between Romeris University and the University of Savoie for consumer law.

France is the fifth-most-popular destination chosen by Lithuanian students in the EU. At the same time, some 40 French students, enrolled in language, literature or philology, are taking advantage of a European scholarship programme in Lithuania.

Our two countries cooperate in the area of culture, in particular in terms of the “Vilnius, European Capital of Culture” operation in 2009. The Comédie-Française received a warm welcome when it travelled to Vilnius in February 2009.

Our scientific cooperation is based in particular on the “Gilibert” Integrated Actions Programme, named after a botanist from Lyons who conducted research in Lithuania during the 18th century. This cooperation initiative focuses on different areas, such as statistical theory, nuclear waste reprocessing, allied mathematics and lasers.

Internal security is another component of our cooperation, which consists in particular in the fight against counterfeit money, organized crime and illegal immigration.

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