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Economic relations

France is one of the leading lenders to Lebanon. At the Paris III Conference in January 2007, France extended a loan of €500 million (€375 million in budget support and €125 million in aid to the private sector).

France also continues to be one of Lebanon’s main trading partners, ranking as its 4th biggest supplier in 2011 (5th in 2010) and its 5th largest non-regional customer (6th in 2010). French exports grew by +21.2% over 2010, particularly in the refined petroleum products and coke sector (+60.1% over 2010,), a sector that accounts for almost 40% of French exports to Lebanon. Imports of Lebanese products into France also grew, by +20% over 2010. (Source: General Directorate of the Treasury)

The dynamism that characterises trading relations between France and Lebanon is due in large part to the many French companies that export to Lebanon; close on 4,500 in 2011, 70% of them SMEs. These close links were underscored by keynote events: the "France in Lebanon" exhibition in March 2010 and its ’Lebanon in France" counterpart in October 2011.

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