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Other types of cooperation

Decentralized cooperation

There are now some sixty decentralised cooperation initiatives in place linking local and regional authorities in France and Japan, most of them in the form of twinnings. Their focus is on concrete issues of common interest, such as transport, thte environment and urban development.

The first Franco-Japanese Conference on Decentralised Cooperation was held in October 2008 in Nancy, on the initiative of the city’s Mayor, André Rossinot, as part of the ceremonies marking the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The event added a new dimension to Franco-Japanese relations and prompted local and regional authorities on both sides to come forward with innovative projects to present to an audience that included a large number of elected officials.

The second Conference on Decentralised Cooperation was held in Kanazawa on 12-13 May 2010, on the theme of local governance and sustainable development, and was attened by some 80 elected officials including some 40 French mayors.

The third conference was held on 26-31 August 2012 in Chartres and Compiègne, on the theme of innovation (economic, cultural and in terms of security of the population and living conditions) in a globalised world.
In response to the Fukushima disaster, Cités Unies France, the federation of local authorities responsible for organising the Conferences on Decentralised Cooperation on the French side, decided to launch a disaster relief and reconstruction fund and appealed for donations from all local authorities wishing to contribute.

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