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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation


Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation is based on a bilateral agreement that dates from 1959 and enjoys substantial funding (€1.8 million in 2012).
The structure responsible for implementing the bilateral agreement consists, on the French side, of the Institut Français in Tel Aviv, cultural centres and branches in Haifa and Beersheba, the French Research Centre (CRFJ) in Jerusalem, the Marc Chagall French secondary school and the Lycée Franco-Israélien high school in Tel Aviv.

France ranks as Israel’s fourth most significant cooperation partner in scientific and technological research. This cooperation is based on university partnerships (including a joint laboratory shared by INSERM-Nice and the Technion Institute of Haifa) and exchanges of young researchers, and since 2003 has been under the oversight of a Higher Council for Research and Scientific and Technological Cooperation specially created for the purpose.

Under the terms of the 1959 agreement, France is also working to revive a vibrant tradition of Francophony in a country with a French-speaking community estimated at over 500,000, and to bring the civil societies of the two countries together by means of a well-stocked programme of cultural events and intensive communication.

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