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Summoning of the Israeli ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (December 3, 2012)

The minister’s cabinet director summoned the Israeli ambassador in Paris today. In line with the minister’s statement on December 1, he expressed to him France’s very serious concern following the Israeli government’s decision to authorize the construction of 3,000 settlement homes. This decision relaunches the settlement planning process in the so-called E1 area in the West Bank, to the east of Jerusalem.

The Israeli ambassador was reminded that France condemns Israeli settlement activity in all its forms. Settlement activity is illegal under international law, undermines the trust necessary for the resumption of dialogue and constitutes an obstacle to a just peace based on the two-state solution.

Construction in the E1 area would seriously undermine the two-state solution by isolating Jerusalem, which is destined to become the capital of both states, from the West Bank, and by threatening the territorial contiguity and viability of the future Palestinian state.

We urge the parties to the peace process to refrain from any gesture that might complicate the swift and unconditional resumption of the negotiations, which we’ve been calling for.



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