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Iran - Nuclear issue (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - April 26, 2013)

Q : Do you have any response to the Iranian statements according to which Tehran is ready to resume talks with the Western powers and is waiting for a response from the EU regarding the timeframe and details of these discussions?

A : France remains determined, together with its partners of the E3+3 group, to find a long-term diplomatic solution that will allow Iran to fully implement the resolutions of the Security Council and the Board of Governors.

Unfortunately, during our last meeting with Iran in Almaty on April 5 and 6, it did not show its willingness to make the smallest concrete gestures that would have made it possible to establish trust between the two parties.

Contrary to his statements, Mr. Jalili has not given a clear and comprehensive response to our proposals. We therefore expect Mr. Jalili to give a clear signal to Ms. Ashton, beyond the statements that have been repeated time and time again on Iran’s readiness to engage in dialogue. In this respect, we commend the high representative’s ongoing efforts within the framework of our dialogue with Iran.

Most importantly, Iran must finally choose to cooperate in a concrete manner with the international community. Otherwise we will have to increase pressure on it once again.

Q : What is your response to the statements issued by Ali Bagheri, Saeed Jalili’s deputy, on Iran’s requirements for 20% enriched uranium for the manufacture of fuel?

A : The provisions of the resolutions of the Security Council and the IAEA Board of Governors require Iran to suspend all its uranium enrichment activities, including those relating to the enrichment of uranium to 20%.

In the past, the international community has repeatedly made proposals to Iran with respect to the supply of fuel produced from 20% enriched uranium for the Tehran Research Reactor. Iran did not respond positively to these various proposals.

We therefore call upon Iran to comply with its international obligations.



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