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Report by the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Iran (March 1, 2013)

We have taken note of the reports presented at the Human Rights Council on the prevailing situation in Iran. It’s a damning assessment of the situation.

France expresses its deep concern at the steady deterioration of the human rights situation in Iran.

We condemn the increase in the number of death sentences carried out in Iran, some of which are carried out in public, on the basis of trials that lack the fundamental guarantees of justice and fairness. France urges Iran to put an end to these practices and to establish a moratorium with a view toward the abolition of the death penalty.

Iran continuously stifles the voices of peaceful dissent. All sections of civil society are affected: the number of detentions of lawyers, human rights defenders and artists is increasing. The freedom of opinion and expression is being repressed, notably through internet filtering and satellite interference.

These actions are contrary to the international commitments undertaken by Iran. The crackdown against those who peacefully express dissent must end.

The report recalls the situation of Mr. Moussavi and Mr. Karroubi, the main leaders of the opposition who have been kept in isolation for more than two years now. We renew our appeal for their release.

France will ask the Human Rights Council to extend the mandate of the special rapporteur, who has a critical role to play, notably with respect to ensuring the protection of fundamental rights in the context of the forthcoming elections.

We call on Iran to end its isolation and to agree to cooperate with the international human rights mechanisms notably by granting the UN special rapporteur access to the Iranian territory.



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