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France and Indonesia


The bilateral relationship is growing noticeably, and a strategic partnership was signed on the occasion of Prime Minister François Fillon’s visit on 30 June and 1 July 2011. This strategic partnership, which follows on from the political statement published on the occasion of President Yudhoyono’s visit to France on 14 December 2009, focuses on strengthening bilateral cooperation in political, security, economic, development, education and cultural areas, as well as on the expanding exchanges between the civil societies. It is also a key element for developing relations between Indonesia and the European Union and between France and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The two presidents have met at international summits (in Davos in January 2011 and in Cannes, for the G20 summit, in November 2011). Four agreements were signed on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to Jakarta, concerning cooperation in the areas of energy and mineral resources, museums, higher education and tourism.

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