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Economic relations

The bilateral trade volume, after a clear recovery in 2010 (+30.7%), slowed in 2011 (+5.8% to 7.46 billion euros). French exports stood at €2.8b (down 4.5% compared with 2010), and French imports at €4.7b (+12.9%).

Our market share is down (1% in 2011), in particular because of the postponement of some aeronautics deliveries. If it is signed soon, the EU-India free trade agreement might make it possible to restore the balance of civil commercial trade. France is the eighth-ranked foreign investor in India. Today, more than 700 French subsidiaries covering a broad spectrum of sectors are established in India and employ approximately 200,000 people. The capital stock these companies have invested in India should stand at approximately €7b.

Updated on 03.09.12



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