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Iceland – Climate – Laurent Fabius’s participation in the French-Icelandic Geothermal Conference (Paris, April 16, 2015)

Laurent Fabius talked with his interlocutors about our goals for the COP21, which he will chair, Arctic issues, as well as the strengthening of our bilateral trade.

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In the years that have followed President Mitterrand’s visit to Reykjavik in August 1990, there has not been much French-Icelandic political contact, with the exception of Foreign Affairs Minister Hubert Védrine’s visit to Iceland (20 August 2000) and the French President’s meeting with Prime Minister David Oddsson (9 April 2001). Foreign Affairs Minister Dominique de Villepin went to Iceland on 13 May 2002 for a NATO ministerial meeting. Alongside the Quinzaine culturelle islandaise, the Prime Minister met with his counterpart, Mr.Halldor Asgrimsson, on 27 September 2004 in Paris. However, there were two Icelandic visits in 2006, one by Foreign Affairs Minister Geir Haarde (Prime Minister since 5 June), going to Paris for an official visit for the first time on 21 March 2006 at the invitation of his counterpart, and Mr.Bjarnason, Minister of Justice, also having authority on defence issues, being received on 27 April 2006 by Ms. Alliot-Marie.

On 28-29 July 2009, Secretary of State for European Affairs Pierre Lellouche was the first foreign political leader to go to Reykjavik after Iceland’s historic decision to submit its application to join the EU. Alongside the Cagre (Conseil “Affaires genérales et relations extérieures”) of 16 November in Brussels, the Secretary of State was able to meet again with Iceland’s head of diplomacy, Mr.Skarphédinsson, and bring up the timing of the hearing of the application, and the factors likely to promote its candidacy. Finally, on 7 June 2010, with a view to the European Council of the 17th, Iceland’s Foreign Affairs MinisterÖssur Skarphédinsson was received at Quai d’Orsay by Mr.P. Lellouche.

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