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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Our cooperation is based on the French-Icelandic agreement of 1983, establishing a joint committee (most recent session held in 2006 in Paris). While the majority of the activities of the Alliance française, founded in 1911, with new premises opened on 7 November 2003, are made up of French classes, the future of the French language in Iceland remains uncertain (fourth language studied, after the compulsory English and Danish, then German, but Spanish is hot on its heels) and will depend on the role played by the French-speaking elite, which is very limited in number, but influential. However, France is strengthening its position as a preferred destination among Icelandic students (13 students went to France in 2002/2003 with the Erasmus programme and 26 in 2003/2004, making France the programme’s fourth-ranking destination).

The quality of the contacts established between the various French-Icelandic scientists in the sectors of geology, volcanology, agronomy or even biotechnologies, allowed for the signing in late 2002 of the integrated actions programme (IAP), called "Jules Verne", which should expand and better structure our actions in these areas.

In response in particular to the Icelandic cultural event, “Quinzaine culturelle islandaise”, held in 2004 in France, a French cultural festival was organized in Iceland from 22 February to 12 May 2007. This festival, called “Pourquoi pas? Un printemps français en Islande(Why not? A French springtime in Iceland), and comprising four components - culture, science, trade and tourism - was an excellent opportunity to increase understanding of our country and strengthen the ties that bind us to Iceland, and shows the interest of Iceland, which played host to a foreign “culture” on such a large scale for the first time. 2011 coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Reykjavik Alliance française, which will give rise to numerous events.

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