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Political relations


Situation of the Norman Atlantic ferry (December 29, 2014)

Operations are still under way off the coast of Greece to evacuate passengers from the Norman Atlantic, amid high winds and rough seas. Greek, Italian and Albanian forces are all involved, as are commercial vessels in the area.

Political relations

In the post-war period, the two countries have always been able to promote their relations bilaterally and in the framework of the European Union. The friendships that link General de Gaulle and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing with Constantine Karamanlis made it possible to develop active economic and financial cooperation activities, as well as to deepen the political relations between the two countries. Accordingly, France provided Greece with decisive support when it returned to democracy in 1974. Moreover, this assistance was symbolized by a slogan that continues to endure: "Greece, France: Alliance". France also played a decisive role in the negotiations that resulted in Greece joining the EEC in 1981.

The French President’s official visit to Athens on 6 June 2008 confirmed the excellent level of the Franco-Greek relationship. France is and will remain "Greece’s unfailing friend". Accordingly, we still enjoy close ties in every field. George Papandreou’s last trips to Paris (February, March, November 2010, and, more recently, last 6 January and 10 March) also helped consolidate this position. Thus, our support during the most serious economic crisis that has affected the country since democracy was restored was particularly appreciated.

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