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Other types of cooperation

An intergovernmental agreement concerning cooperation in the area of defence was signed in February 1997. The first joint committee on military cooperation was held in autumn 2002 in Tbilisi; the most recent one was held in Tbilisi in October 2006. The Satchkere mountain troop training centre, which was created with France’s support and where French instructors provide training, was opened at the end of August 2006. In addition, several spots have been reserved for Georgian applicants in a training session in France (army health services, gendarmerie officer training school, CID, etc). French instructors provide training there and, at the beginning of 2010, NATO assigned the centre the status of training and coaching centre for the Partnership for Peace. The reinforcement of our defence cooperation with Georgia is symbolized by the presence of 173 Georgian soldiers within the French operation in Afghanistan.

Since September 2002, we have had an internal security attaché in Tbilisi with authority in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Minister Grigol Vashadze’s visit to Paris in November 2009 was the occasion to sign a cooperation agreement in the area of internal security.

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