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Gambia – Announcement of the forthcoming execution of all prisoners condemned to death ( August 21, 2012)

France utterly condemns the decision by Gambia’s President Jammeh to execute in September all prisoners who have been condemned to death in Gambia.

Gambia has applied a de facto moratorium on the death penalty since 1981. France therefore urges Gambia to maintain this moratorium with a view toward the definitive abolition of the death penalty, and not to execute these death row prisoners. It also demands that Gambia commute all death sentences to custodial sentences.

France, in keeping with its opposition to the use of the death penalty in all circumstances, believes that the death penalty is a cruel punishment and that its abolition contributes to strengthening human dignity.

Considerable progress has been made in the fight to abolish the death penalty in recent years. As of today, 139 States have renounced the death penalty by abolishing it or by adopting a de facto moratorium. We must not slow down our efforts to achieve the universal and definitive abolition of the death penalty.



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