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Economic relations

Economic relations

Economic relations

Trade relations between France and Ethiopia have grown denser over the last five years. France has a structural trade surplus with Ethiopia. In2013, French exports totalled €179.4million. They mainly consist of pharmaceutical products (60% of our exports), industrial and farming machinery, chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics, and agrifood products.

Our imports of products from Ethiopia totalled €37.8million at the end of2013. They are almost exclusively dominated by agricultural products (90.4% of total imports), especially coffee.

Our leading groups are present in Ethiopia (Castel, Total, Alstom, France Telecom, Bolloré and Airbus). Major contracts have been signed and the Ethiopian market is a promising one (rapid growth, 90million inhabitants today and 150million by2050). The fifty-odd French businesses established in Ethiopia provide over 4000jobs locally.

France is among the main European investors, after the United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands.

Updated: 06/10/2015