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Economic relations

Supported by an investment protection agreement (1974) and a tax treaty (1980), our economic relations are dynamic and have benefited from the reform policy undertaken since 2004. In 2008, France became the leading foreign investor in Egypt and we are also one of its leading trading partners. This presence, which remains limited to a few major companies, is especially concentrated in services (telecommunications, banking, insurances, tourism, etc.), but tends to be diversified in industrial sectors (cement). Concerning our trade, France’s increasingly diversified sales make it possible to absorb the irregularity of major contracts. In a context of increased Egyptian imports, our market share was mechanically reduced in terms of relative value and stands at about 4.8% today.

In order to give political impetus to this trade and for French players to be able to fully take part in Egypt’s economic growth, a France-Egypt Presidential Business Council (CPFEA) was set up in April 2006, meeting most recently in Cairo in December 2008.

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