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Economic relations

The French presence is modest and concentrated in industry. However, our companies are well represented: Total-Elf, Alcatel, Gonthiez, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Peugeot and Renault, Sodexho, GDF (operating a wind farm).

The amount of our investment remains small: approx. €64 million.
The necessary diversification of energy sources (geothermal and wind) and large development projects in Costa Rica (transport infrastructure, introducing electric vehicles) provide opportunities for our companies.

With a FASEP financing, in 2011 a French consultant conducted a study on a wastewater treatment project in three municipalities in the capital region (Escazu, Santa Ana, Mora). In 2012, Systra will receive $700,000 in FASEP funding to deliver a feasibility study regarding a streetcar project in San Jose.

In addition, Costa Rica attracts nearly 45,000 French tourists each year.

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