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Economic relations

France’s presence in Chile is relatively modest given the opportunities offered by that country (€548.1 million exports, €1,100.5 million imports). France is Chile’s 16th largest supplier (with a market share of 1.6%). The trade deficit, which has continued with Chile since 2002 is, however, mitigated: -€552.5 million in 2010. France is the ninth largest foreign investor in Chile (total investments valued at 1.4 billion USD i.e. 2.1% of FDI stock in this country) and the 5th European.

The 120 French subsidiaries are represented in all sectors, with the exception of mining in the strict sense (but GDF-SUEZ and Air Liquide are key suppliers for energy and industrial gases, Sodexo for remote site management): agriculture (vineyards), industry, construction, services… France occupies a very important place particularly in strategic sectors such as water, electricity and transport, as well as catering. Companies such as Alstom, GDF-Suez or Sodexo (third largest private employer with more than 16,000 employees) have a strong presence in Chile. Finally, Chile is a regular customer in the field of defense equipment.

France and Chile intend to deepen their cooperation in the field of energy. A letter of intent setting the framework for this energy cooperation and a specific agreement in the field of renewable energies (between ADEME and the Center for Renewable Energy in Chile) were signed in May 2009. The announcement of the creation of a group of high-level Franco-Chilean businessmen in the field of energy was made by Mr. Besson, Energy Minister and Mr. Golborne, Chilean Mines and Energy Minister, on the occasion of his visit in February 2011

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