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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Academic, Cultural and Scientific Cooperation

The density and excellence of our relations with Chile, with which our cooperation is dynamic and diversified, are expressed in the cultural, scientific and university sectors. Indeed, France is one of Chile’s leading scientific partners (ECOS programme, regional branch of the CNRS and creation of four joint laboratories, Franco-Chilean Doctoral College, Franco-Chilean School of Human and Social Sciences, agreement signed on 22 September 2008 between CONICYT and ANR, “Chilfitec” and “Chilfagri” programmes). Our research institutes want to further strengthen their presence (40 French researchers in Chile), in fields such as astronomy, earth science, mathematics and computer science.

Our universities and grandes écoles have woven a network of university partnerships for excellence, which are regularly enhanced (25 dual diploma agreements, engineer training, thesis co-advisors, etc.). University exchanges are increasing (700 Chilean students in France, 191 scholarships co-funded to a large extend by the Chilean government in 2008). A Franco-Chilean university of technology, co-funded by the Chamber of Commerce and companies, was created in 2006, a partnership between the university of technology of Compiègne and the Santa Maria technical university in Valparaiso. France is the leading country of destination for doctoral scholarship recipients (and the second-leading country of destination for Chilean scholarship recipients in general, 13% of Chilean doctors are trained in France).

Finally, many territorial communities (Ile de France, Bourgogne, Dordogne, Finistère, Hérault and Lyons) are developing decentralized cooperation projects.

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