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Central African Republic (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - March 12, 2014)

Q : The archbishop and imam of Bangui met with Minister Drian and Minister Canfin before meeting with Mr. Fabius yesterday afternoon. Were the meetings held as a result of fears of a further escalation of violence between the anti-balaka and Seleka militias, as well as the appeal by a handful of young Muslims in Bangui to Boko Haram and al Qaeda to save Muslims in the Central African Republic?

During their meetings with the archbishop and imam of Bangui, Laurent Fabius and Pascal Canfin discussed recent developments on the ground, the humanitarian situation and the prospect of establishing a UN peacekeeping operation.

The minister of foreign affairs and the minister for development notably expressed their support for the invaluable efforts of the religious authorities of the Central African Republic to promote dialogue, tolerance and reconciliation.

They encouraged Mgr. Nzapalainga and Imam Kobine to continue their efforts in conjunction with Reverend Nicolas Guérékoyamé-Gbangou.



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