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Central African Republic – Protection of all communities (April 8, 2014)

France is attached to the protection of all populations in the Central African Republic, including of course the Muslim populations who are subject to intolerable threats and attacks. The protection of the populations is central to France’s action and is an integral part of the mandate of Operation Sangaris, in support of MISCA [AFISM-CAR].

France believes that the displacement of populations must be a last resort. Nevertheless, it is helping to facilitate evacuations when needed in agreement with the populations concerned, notably when their safety and access to humanitarian assistance cannot be guaranteed. Since 2013, Sangaris has therefore helped to protect and evacuate Muslim populations in immediate danger by making air assets available.

In collaboration with the transitional authorities of the Central African Republic, the UN humanitarian agencies and all stakeholders concerned, our embassy in the Central African Republic is assessing the situation of the various Muslim areas, notably to the north of Bangui. We are in favor of relocating those people who wish to be relocated.



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