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Laurent Fabius’s visit to the Central African Republic and Ethiopia (July 13, 2015)

The minister will reaffirm our solidarity and our commitments to developing countries, especially the most fragile and vulnerable countries, and as COP21 president, he will reaffirm the link between the fight against poverty and the fight against climate disruption. He will call for the mobilization of all stakeholders and channels – private as well as public and governments as well as local authorities - in support of sustainable development financing

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France supports the Central African Republic (CAR) in its efforts to emerge from crisis. By maintaining ongoing dialogue with the new local authorities, encouraging their efforts to restore security and reinforcing their legitimacy, France is signalling its intention to assist the CAR in its efforts to avoid becoming a permanently failed state and to respond to the risk of a major humanitarian crisis.

France’s commitment to the recovery of the CAR and to regional stability was also demonstrated in the support provided by the French military detachment of Operation Boali (410 French military personnel stationed in Gabon) to the CAR forces and to the MISCA international support mission, in the form of logistic support (provision of equipment and fuel) and training (organisation of operational instruction detachments). France also increased its bilateral food aid (€2 million in 2013) and its emergency humanitarian aid (€0.5 million programmed for 2013) to the local population.

On the multilateral front, France has given its full support to the actions of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the African Union, to the United Nations Security Council and the European Union.

France also supports the CAR in its dealings with international financial institutions (reaching the completion point of the HIPC initiative and obtaining an extended credit facility from the IMF, Peacebuilding Commission, etc.).

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