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Economic relations

Bilateral trade in goods and services between France and Canada represents about €5 billion. In particular, Canada purchases pharmaceuticals, wine, airplanes, and perfumes. To France, it sells primarily ores, airplanes, and pharmaceutical products.

France is now the fifth largest foreign investor in Canada. Around 500 French companies are located in Canada, particularly in Quebec, employing over 80,000 people (Sodexho 12,500, Lafarge 7,500, Michelin 3,700, etc.). Total has undertaken an ambitious program in Alberta’s oil sands, while Areva is the second largest operator in Saskatchewan uranium.

There are 280 subsidiaries of Canadian companies in France (Bombardier, Aastra, Cascades, McCain, Quebecor, SNC Lavalin, Encana). These companies employ approximately 30,000 people. In 2010, France is the European country that received the largest number of Canadian investment projects creating jobs (29).

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