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Abduction of seven French people in Cameroon (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - february 20, 2013)

Q : Groups from northern Mali like MUJAO [Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa] have threatened to strike at the heart of France. Would you say the abduction of seven French people in northern Cameroon is unconnected to the French intervention in Mali?

Can you give us the identities of the seven hostages?

A : The abduction of our compatriots in Cameroon february 19 is further proof of the reality of the terrorist threat, which existed before the French intervention in Mali. It confirms once again the necessity of not letting the Sahel become a sanctuary for these groups.

As the Foreign Minister recalled yesterday, the fight against the terrorists remains an absolute necessity for the international community. They are in fact a threat not only to Mali but to the whole of Africa, as shown by the many links forged between the groups based in the region.

Regarding your second question, the Foreign Ministry doesn’t provide this kind of information, for reasons of confidentiality and out of respect for the privacy of families in particularly difficult circumstances.



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