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Political relations


Brazil – Meeting between Laurent Fabius and his counterpart, Mauro Vieira (Paris, June 3, 2015)

Mr. Fabius and Mr. Vieira discussed the various aspects of the strategic partnership between our two countries: political dialogue on the major international and global issues, including in particular the fight against climate disruption, economic diplomacy, defense cooperation, and cultural, educational and border cooperation with French Guiana.

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Political Relations

France and Brazil

French Ambassador to Brazil: Mr Laurent Bili (since September 2015)

Brazilian Ambassador to France: Mr Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos (since July 2015)

Political relations

Brazil and France maintain long-standing relations of friendship that were enhanced with the building of an ambitious Strategic Partnership launched in May 2006 by Presidents Lula and Chirac. It recognizes Brazil as a global player and a legitimate candidate to a permanent member seat on the United Nations Security Council. It involves a sharing of know-how and expertise through joint initiatives based on the pooling of material, technological, human and natural resources. The Partnership concerns all fields: military, space, energy, economic, education, cross-border affairs, development assistance in third countries, cross-border cooperation between French Guiana and the State of Amapá.

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