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Economic relations

Economic Relations

Economic relations

The dynamic of economic relations is based both on trade and investment in a country which French companies no longer regard merely as a market but as a component of their global development strategy:

- trade between France and Brazil has more than doubled compared to 2003 (to around €8.2 billion in 2013). More than 500 French companies are established in Brazil (all CAC 40 Index companies excluding the building industry) accounting for almost 500,000 jobs;

- France is among the leading countries that invest the most in Brazil (it ranked fifth with flows of €2.6 billion in 2014, i.e. more than in China and Russia put together) with a view to conquering markets (with Accor in the service sector and Casino in the large-scale distribution sector), not with a view to company migration;

- Brazil is France’s principal market in Latin America, attracting two-thirds of French exports to the region, well ahead of Mexico (19%), Argentina (11%) and Colombia and Chile (8%). Brazil’s position in French foreign trade remains steady, accounting for less than 1% of our total trade flows. Traditionally, France purchases agri-food products (including soya bean) and oil in Brazil and is increasingly purchasing industrial goods. French exports to Brazil mainly consist of capital goods and industrial products (including aeronautical products, car equipment, motor vehicles and pharmaceutical products).

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