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Economic relations

Economic relations

Trade volume between France and Bosnia and Herzegovina is low. Bosnia and Herzegovina, France’s 121st customer and 107th supplier, occupies a marginal place in French foreign trade and trades essentially with its neighbours, outside of and within the European Union (Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Montenegro). France is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 11th customer and 13th supplier (1.9% of the market share). According to French customs statistics, after stagnating in 2007, our exports to Bosnia and Herzegovina increased 9.4% (€71.5M) in 2008 and concerned essentially the automotive sector for 28.3%. The volume of our imports (€54.7M, mainly involving consumer and intermediate goods: wood, paper, cardboard) dropped again in 2008, thereby enabling France to show a positive trade balance of €16.8M. The development of intra-regional trade might encourage French companies to penetrate the Bosnian market more, through their subsidiaries established in neighbouring countries.

France’s economic presence is modest: €5M out of a total combined flow of FDI since 1994, which is also modest (€3.5b). The leading French investor is Intermarché, which has opened 21 superstores under its Interex trade name. Through its Croatian subsidiary, Dukat, the Lactalis group bought out the dairy, INMER, in Gradacac in 2007. In early 2008, the Lafarge group obtained a mining permit for gypsum deposits near Bihac with a view to building a gypsum plasterboard plant nearby, an investment of €30 to 40M. Technip’s 33% stake in Petrolinvest, an engineering company in Sarajevo specializing in the gas, oil and chemistry sectors, is of note.

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