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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Our cooperation with Belize essentially follows the community channel. This country benefits from the EDF (as an ACP country). Cooperation programs between the EU and Belize have developed strongly in recent years, justifying the creation of an EU office in Belmopan. The headings for this cooperation include rural development, adaptation to climate change, and assistance in the sugar and banana sectors, in order to modernize them and promote conversions.

Bilateral cooperation is involved in the military and police fields. The Armed Forces of Guyana (FAG) maintain cooperation with the Belize Defense Force by receiving officers or NCOs at the Jungle Combat Training Center in Las Cuevas for seven week training courses, while Belize’s police participate in all regional technical cooperation activities (training courses organized by the Internal Security Attaché).

Belize, with the highest rate of prevalence of AIDS in Central America, also benefits from France’s contribution to the Global Fund against AIDS,
Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

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