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Political relations

Political Relations and Recent Visits

Geographical proximity, historical and cultural factors (40% of Belgians are French-speaking), significant overlapping of both economies, and often converging analyzes make Franco-Belgian relations particularly strong and serene. Regular dialogue has been established on European, political-strategic, and African issues.

At the political level, specifically bilateral contacts are quite common, both at the Presidential level (as early as May 23rd, 2007, Mr. Sarkozy met with then Belgian Prime Minister Verhofstadt in Brussels and then in Paris on February 20th, 2008; meeting with Mr. Leterme, who had become Prime Minister by then, in Paris on May 5th, 2008 and October 6th, 2008, lastly with Herman Van Rompuy, in Paris, on March 5th, 2009) and the Prime Ministerial level (meeting between Mr. Fillon and Mr. Verhofstadt in Paris on February 20th, 2008 and with Mr. Leterme in Brussels on April 4th, 2008 and on September 20th, 2008 in Sochi, alongside the 13th session of the Franco-Russian intergovernmental seminar, with Mr. Van Rompuy on April 29th, 2009 in Warsaw on the sidelines of the PPE conference, and finally with Mr. Leterme in Paris, on June 14th, 2011) as well as the Ministerial level. There are periodic meetings between the Foreign and European Affairs Ministers particularly alongside European meetings. Mr. Pierre Lellouche State Secretary for European Affairs, visited Brussels on December 18th, 2009 and met Mr. Vanackere, Foreign Minister as well as his counterpart, Mr. Chastel. Mr. Vanackere traveled to Paris on March 9th, 2010 and met his French counterpart, Mr. Kouchner. On September 12th and 13th, 2011, the Secretary of State for French Expatriates, David Douillet, travelled to Belgium where he met the French community in Brussels, Antwerp, and Tournai.

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