France and the Bahamas

French Ambassador to the Bahamas: Philippe Casenave since 2 October 2014 (in residence in Panama)

Bahamian Ambassador to France (in residence in London): Eldred Bethel (22 February 2013)

Political relations

Political relations have traditionally been limited but, on 10 May 2015 on the occasion of the 2015 Caribbean Climate Summit, the President of the French Republic met with the Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie who was then pro tempore President of CARICOM.

There is an Alliance Française teaching centre in Nassau. Young Bahamian students benefit from the programme for English-language teaching assistants in France.

Economic relations

In 2014, half of French exports of almost €33 million consisted of perfume and toiletries. The sharp increase in imports (from €15 million in 2013 to €41 million in 2014) was due to a strong demand for refined petroleum products.

There is a Club Méditerranée village on San Salvador Island. Certain French banks including the Société Générale and Crédit Agricole are present in Nassau. The French company RUBIS, which specializes in fuel storage and distribution, took over its network of service stations from the U.S. Chevron Company in mid-2011, as well as the sale of aircraft fuel.

Between 10,000 and 20,000 French tourists visit the Bahamas each year. 115 French nationals reside there and are registered with the French Consulate-General in Miami.

Updated: 12/10/2016