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Other types of cooperation

Police and military cooperation

Austria, which shares the same areas of concern with France in terms of the right to asylum and, more recently, Islamist terrorism, maintains quality institutional and operational police cooperation ties with our country.

The legal framework for cooperation was enhanced with the entry into effect of a readmission agreement (November 2007) and the Treaty of Prüm (January 2008). Exchanges are also deepening on asylum and immigration policies.

French-Austrian military cooperation stresses the training of personnel (training of officers and non-commissioned officers, learning French) and operational readiness of forces and military staff (structural design of forces, nuclear, biological and chemical defence, etc.).

In the context of the ESDP and the next French presidency of the EU, Austria is proving to be very anxious to have contact and exchange ideas.

The deployment of the Chad/CAR EUFOR has helped extend the very fruitful collaboration between our two countries.

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