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Economic relations

France is Austria’s 6th largest supplier with a market share of 3.2%.

While French exports have stabilized, they experienced a sharp increase in previous years. They consist mainly of intermediate goods, professional capital equipment, and automotive industry products.

Luxury goods and local food products are very popular with consumers in Austria.

France is Austria’s 5th largest customer.

Over the past ten years, imports have continued to increase, resulting in a gradual disappearance of our recurring surplus: the balance is now negative. Trade patterns are relatively similar (half intermediate goods, a quarter capital equipment).

France is one of the top 10 investors, with about 260 firms installed locally.

In the electricity sector, for example, EDF and Gaz de France have invested in Austria and the federal operator, Verbund, has holdings in Poweo and the Société Française d’Eoliennes (S.F.E.).

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