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Economic relations

On the economic front, at €1.69 billion Australia was our fifth largest trade surplus in 2014, even though our trade remains modest and our exports (equivalent to those to India) are decreasing in a context of a sharp contraction of Australian imports. Australia is only the 53rd supplier to France and we are only the 13th supplier of Australia. However, the outlook remains positive for our exporters, in particular our major companies which receive an excellent return on investment, despite a slowdown in the mining boom and the high costs of air transport. Nearly all CAC 40 companies have a presence in Australia, which they regard as a strategic market for their international development.

Australian investment in France remains modest (45th largest investor, with A$40 million in (mainly portfolio) investments, 124 companies employing 6,700 people) while French investment in Australia is significant (350 compaines, stock of €2.8 billion, representing 70,000 jobs).

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