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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

In 2009, our cooperation has benefited from €1,400,000 in funding for the 209 program. It is based on an expanded cultural and educational network and deployed in three priority directions:
- Promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity: two French schools in Buenos Aires (about 1900 students); 84 Alliances Françaises, including 4 regionally oriented Alliances beyond the significance of the Buenos Aires Alliance (about 15,000 students across the country); regional cooperation in the audiovisual and publishing fields.

Training future leaders and supporting scientific development. Significant, long-standing partnerships have been forged with Argentina: creation in 2008 of a Center for Studies in France (CEF); presence of 750 Argentine students in French higher education establishments (3rd largest host country); presence of numerous French seconded researchers (IRD, INSERM, CIRAD, CNRS); creation, in 2008, of the ARFITEC (Argentina France Engineering Technology) program designed to develop student-engineer exchanges (200 students in two years); support for expanding interdisciplinary and transnational networks in line with regional cooperation activities (STIC-AMSUD, MATH-AMSUD, PREFALC, ECOS programs); creation, in 1997, of the Franco-Argentine Center (CFA) at the University of Buenos Aires (created to develop the presence and influence of the French Humanities and Social Sciences) and opening in 2008/2009 of two other similar centers at the universities of Cordoba and Mendoza; creation, in 2009, of a new post-doctoral scholarship program; creation, in 2010, of a “Climate Center” in partnership with the CNRS, and three AILs (in nanoscience; physics and fluid mechanics).

Support for Governance and Sustainable Development: management training in the civil service and police and customs staff; actions in the field of education and health (in conjunction with the EUROSOCIAL community program) and in the field of the environment (in coordination with the French Fund for a Global Environment).

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