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France and Argentina

Political relations


- In the France-Argentina direction: Mr. de Villepin’s visits to Argentina (February 2004), as part of a trip to South America; Mr. Muselier, Secretary of State (May 2004); Mr. Bussereau, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister (July 2005); Jean-Francois Copé, Budget and State Reform Minister (October 2006); Mr. Fillon, Prime Minister in December 2007 on the occasion of the inauguration of the President of the Nation (accompanied by Mrs. Lagarde, Economy, Finance, and Employment Minister, and Mr. Hirsch, High Commissioner for Active Solidarity against Poverty); Mr. Bussereau, Secretary of State for Transport (January 2008); Mr. Hervé Morin, Defense Minister (November 2nd, 2009), Mrs. Idrac, Secretary of State for International Trade (July 2010).

- In the Argentina-France direction: visit to Paris by the President of the Argentine Nation, Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner, in April 2008 (meeting with the President of the Republic) (accompanied by Mr. Taiana, Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship Minister and Mr. Julio de Vido, Federal Planning, Public Investment, and Services Minister); Mr. Daniel Cameron, Secretary of State for Energy at the Federal Planning, Public Investment, and Services Ministry (October 2008); Mr. Julio de Vido (March 2009); Mr. Amado Boudou, Economy and Finance Minister (December 2010); meeting between Mr. Taiana and Mr. Kouchner in May 2010, alongside the EU/LAC Summit in Madrid; meeting between Mrs. Alliot Marie and Mr. Hector Timerman in February 2011; meeting between Mr. Alain Juppe and Mr. Hector Timerman in July 2011.

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