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Economic relations

Despite significant potential, Franco-Afghan bilateral trade remains low mainly due to security conditions and the still uncertain legal framework in Afghanistan. French exports to Afghanistan totaled €45.7 million in 2010. Exports shrunk 10.5% compared to 2009 due to lower sales of electronic, computer, and agriculture products. They represent less than 2% of French exports in Southwest Asia (although many French goods are re-exported from Pakistan and Dubai). Meanwhile, in 2010, imports represent a very limited financial volume at €1.5 million.

However, several French companies are showing an interest in the prospects offered by Afghanistan in mining (considerable resources), raw materials and energy (oil refinery), construction (cement), water (supply networks and sanitation especially in urban areas), transport infrastructure, and agriculture and food processing.

The major French groups in Afghanistan include Airbus (2 airliners and 2 freighters), Thales (NATO’s secure telecommunications network), and Sagem (electronic defense equipment). There are also some SMEs, for example Feljas & Masson for Kabul’s water supply.

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