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Public execution of a woman in Afghanistan (July 11, 2012)

France strongly condemns the public execution of a woman for adultery in Parwan province in Afghanistan. As the Afghan authorities have promised, full light must be shed on this crime, the perpetrators of which must be identified and brought to justice.

France is especially concerned by the resurgence of violence against women and girls in Afghanistan. As the international community reaffirmed at the recent Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan (July 8), the Afghan authorities must ensure that women’s rights are strengthened, notably with respect to access to justice, health, education and the prevention of violence against them. The minister gave special emphasis to this matter in his speech during this conference. We will be particularly attentive to this issue.

France is continuing to mobilize its efforts to combat violence against women throughout the world. This mobilization remains one of our top priorities with respect to the protection of human rights. France contributed to the adoption of the Security Council resolutions on “Women, peace and security,” which notably call on States to strengthen the fight against violence to women and to increase the participation of women in peace negotiations and all decision-making processes.



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